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About us

CEO and owner of Knock On Wood Co.

Knock On Wood Co. is a sunglasses company located in San Francisco, CA.

Our sunglasses store began when we saw people wearing cheap non-polarized sunglasses. The cheap eyewear serves no purpose but a fashion statement. On the other side of the spectrum, people spend ridiculous amounts of money for name brand sunglasses  that are polarized. We are not your regular Sunglass Hut. In our sunglasses shop, we do not offer non-polarized and expensive sunglasses.

We wanted to offer affordable and stylish sunglasses for both men and women that are polarized to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Thus, we only carry sunglasses that are polarized with UV 400 protection lenses.

The name, Knock On Wood Co., was created in Summer 2015 during long road trip to Las Vegas. We would find ourselves thinking, “Hope we don’t get into a car accident!” and immediately replying “Knock on wood.” Unfortunately, there was never any wood to knock on. With wooden frame sunglasses, you will have stylish sunglasses and always be able to keep your luck from going bad! Just tap on the frame of our wooden sunglasses.

So go ahead, tempt fate and knock on our wood.

-Robert Lau (Knock On Wood Co. Founder)


Send us an E-mail at and leave us a feedback on your experience with Knock On Wood. Let us know or comment on how we can make our services better. We always strive to improve your experience in finding the right pair of sunglasses here at Knock On Wood.

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Address: 75 Lomita Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

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