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Picking the Perfect Sunglasses

Posted on 07 November 2016

true polarized sunglasses


We offer a wide variety of sunglasses with different style frames and lenses. It is a tough choice to decide which sunglasses you want to pick. "Do I want the red frames or the brown frames? Now, do I want the black lens or the blue lens?" We provide affordable polarized sunglasses so that you won't feel guilty in choosing the wrong sunglasses. However, if you feel that you chose the wrong sunglasses, we offer a 30 day guarantee return or exchange, whichever you prefer. Since we offer polarized and UV400 protected lenses, you do not have to worry about choosing functional vs non-functional sunglasses. We feel that functional sunglasses is more important than style.



How To Pick Your Knock On Wood Sunglasses
  1. Frames - Pick a frame you believe fits your style. Do you want a plastic frame or a full wooden frame? Full wooden frame provides more sustainability and longevity compared to the plastic frame. Plastic frame has a higher chance of being scratched unlike the full wooden frames. 
  2. Color Frame - For the front plastic frame sunglasses, we offer a light brown, dark brown, and rosewood colored arm frames. For the full wooden frames, we offer a variety of colors such as red, blue, and yellow. The darker the color, the more mature and sophisticated the look will turn out. The lighter color has a beautiful lighter tone. It provides a more comfortable and relax attire unlike the darker style. Planning to wear a suit or dress shirt? We recommend the Midnight Wood, Maple Wood, or the Hard Wood sunglasses. Do you just want to go to the beach and bake in the sun? We recommend the Classic Wood, Autumn WoodOcean Wood, or Tsunami Wood.
  3. Color Lenses - Our color lenses vary from reflective to non-reflective. The reflective provides a secretive look. Are you nervous or afraid of looking into people's eyes? Reflective mirror lenses is the perfect option because it hides your own eyes. People would be looking at themselves in the reflection and they would not be able to see what your eyes are doing. Choosing the perfect lens color is more of a preference. Of course, the black color would be more sophisticated than the colored lenses.

What Would We Pick and Why?

Robert: "My favorite is the Tsunami Wood because it adds a unique sense of style. You normally see the typical black frame and black lens sunglasses. I wanted to be different and I enjoy hearing compliments about the color of the Tsunami Wood."

Erick: "My favorite is the Campfire Wood. The brown color is not too light and not too dark. I feel that it's just right with a nice mix of red and blue accent colors. I used to own plastic frames from popular name brands. The plastic frames would scratch when I drop them or lay them down on the table. The full wooden frame reduces the risk of scratches and damages."

Campfire wood polarized sunglasses

We used to be big fans of Ray-Ban because of how popular it is. Many celebrities would wear them and we wanted to be just like them. Robert owns the plastic Original Classic and Erick owns the Justin Classic. We now wear our Knock On Wood sunglasses because we are afraid of scratching our $150 Ray-Ban sunglasses. We also like that our metal hinge provides a more flexible and comfortable feel unlike name brand sunglasses. 

Weather you choose Knock On Wood sunglasses or name brand sunglasses, always remember that our sunglasses are affordable and we offer polarized with UV400 protection lenses.

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