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Wekfest San Jose 2017

Posted on 28 June 2017

Wekfest San Jose 2017

The Knock On Wood Co. team had a blast at Wekfest in San Jose. We saw many modified cars from classical, modern, luxury, and rare cars. Weather you are a fan of stance or function, you have to admit, these cars are awesome. The owners have spent a lot of time, effort, and dedication on these cars.There were a few cars that stood out from the crowd and we have to give a special shout out.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

skyline gtr r34

Toyota AE86 (Tofu Car)

AE86 tofu car

Honda NSX

Honda NSX typ-r

How To Pronounce Wekfest

Wekfest is actually pronounce (wēk-fest) and not (weck-fest). Most people get the wrong pronunciation and we would like to educate others on the correct term.

Preparing For Wekfest

If you plan on going to Wekfest or other events such as this, we highly recommend purchasing pre-sale tickets. You will get some free goodies, get to go in a few minutes earlier than the crowd, and you get to take pictures and videos without a lot of people around. When we arrived, there was a huge line, but we luckily got tickets. You can also avoid the crowd/line if you are a photographer. Go check out the guidelines on Wekfest website for details on how to get in with a Media Pass.

It was a great event and we would like to share our time with some photos.

audi r8 wekfest


subaru brz wekfest


baby audi r8 wekfest


ae86 takumi initial d


red honda s2000 wekfest


rx7 ls1 swap


honda s2000 engine bay


nissan skyline gt-r r32


red luxury rx7


jdm volk te37 frs


mitsubishi evo 10 wekfest


huge gt spoiler frs


red honda nsx


porsche side profile


red scion frs wekfest


sexy porsche


subaru sti wekfest


beautiful honda nsx


lotus wekfest san jose


jdm beast machines wekfest 2017


tofu car akina


clean black honda nsx


hentai nsx


neo chrome car parts


honda s2k racecar


jdm nissan skyline gtr r32


wekfest car lineup


nissan gtr r35


miata wekfest san jose 2017


winking doge

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