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Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Posted on 13 October 2016

proof polarized wooden sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses indoor could come off as weird or unnatural. Most people would think there is no reason to wear sunglasses indoor because there is no sunlight. Some would argue that the word sunglasses has the word sun in it. Meaning, the sunglasses is meant for outdoors. However, we could use an alternate term "shades" to refer to sunglasses. There are many good reasons wearing shades indoor could be beneficial. 

1) Photophobia

Photophobia is a common condition where your eyes are sensitive to any type of light, even low light. The sensitivity may cause pain or discomfort. Wearing polarized shades could help block light entering the lenses at certain angles.

2) Covering Imperfections or Blemishes

Shades could help cover a scar, pimple around the eye, or a black eye. Without putting on makeup, our stylish wooden shades will help cover up imperfections.

3) Medical Reasons

After a doctor performs surgery, patients would have to cover it with bandages. Most of the time, doctors usually suggest to cover your eyes with shades to reduce discomfort from light. 

Besides surgery, smoking medical marijuana could cause bloodshot eyes. Wearing shades could hide your eyes and no one would notice.

4) Secretly Checking Out Gorgeous Ladies or Handsome Guys!

Do you see someone very attractive and want to check out? The mirror lens is reflective and is hard to look at the person's eyes. It is as if you are staring into the mirror. Now your eyes can roam around and check people out.

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  • Andy Wu: October 18, 2016

    Shades from Luke Cage wears sunglasses indoors :)

  • Grant Tran: October 13, 2016

    LOL I will definitely use this to check out the ladies

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