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We are Now a United States Manufacturer and Distributor for Wooden Products

Posted on 08 July 2019

Manufacture and Distributor

Our main goal is to cut out manufactures in China to provide high quality products to our local businesses in the United States. Work with us in confidence and see the benefits of a U.S. manufacturer than a Chinese manufacturer.

Benefits of a U.S. Manufacture

  • Native English speakers - We will understand your needs and wants
  • Similar time zones - Don't wait till midnight to talk to an Alibaba representative
  • Fast and cheaper shipping through USPS for bulk orders - Don't wait for the boats to arrive!
  • Similar currency and don't have to worry about exchange rates
  • Don't get bombarded with E-mails through Alibaba representatives -  We respect our customer's privacy and only E-mail to help assist customer's questions.
  • Samples are extremely cheaper to order through us than China

New Services

One new service we are providing for B2B wooden goods is dropshipping. Dropshipping is perfect if you do not want to carry any inventory and we will ship out your products to your customers. Take a back seat and watch the orders go through, easy peasy!

Prices for dropshipping vs. non-dropshipping will be different. E-mail us for quotes and questions about manufacturing your wooden designs and products in the US.

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