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We Are At IEM Oakland For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

Posted on 20 November 2016

csgo iem oakland tournament


Knock On Wood is at Intel Extreme Masters Oakland to watch talented Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) players win for first place for the prize money of $300,000. League of Legends (LoL) teams are also there playing to compete for $100,000, but we love watching competitive CSGO more than LoL. The teams that are playing are:


SK Gaming
Players: coldzera - FalleN - fer - fnx - TACO
Team Liquid
Players: nitr0 - EliGe - Hiko - jdm64 - Pimp
Players: device - dupreeh - Kjaerbye - karrigan - Xyp9x
Ninjas In Pyjamas
Players: f0rest - friberg - GeT_RiGhT - pyth - Xizt
G2 Esports
Players: bodyy - RpK - ScreaM - shox - SmithZz
Natus Vincere
Players: Edward - flamie - GuardiaN - seized - s1mple
Players: chrisJ - denis - NiKo - oskar - Spiidi
Players: MODDII - gla1ve - Snappi - Friis - Valde
Players: Mo - fancy1 - DD - somebody - Attacker
Players: HEN1 - LUCAS1 - felps - boltz - steel
Players: n0thing - shroud - Skadoodle - Stewie2k - autimatic
Players: rain - aizy - allu - karrigan - kioShiMa


In the photo, Faze is playing against Ninjas in Pyjamas at De_Train. For people unfamiliar with Counter-Strike competitive scene, there are two sides: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The goal of the Terrorists side is to plant the bomb within 1:55 minutes and the goal of the Counter-Terrorists is to defuse the bomb or prevent the terrorist from planting the bomb. Another way of winning is to eliminate all of the other team's players. Teams have to play for 15 rounds and then they switch sides and play for another 15 rounds. Winners are decided by best of 30 rounds.


We enjoy playing csgo for the competitive strategy. Players would have to think about the economy, how to throw smokes, molotovs, or flash bangs correctly to distract and push the enemies away from position. CSGO is similar to a game of Chess and relies on a lot of mind games. We enjoy watching our favorite United States team, Cloud9. However, they are eliminated from the tournament from Day 1 Nov 19, 2016. We are now rooting for Ninjas in Pyjamas!


sunglasses for gaming


We have met many famous players from the event as well.
Hiko from Team Liquid: "Hiko are you kidding me?"


Hiko are you kidding me


GeT_RiGhT from Ninjas in Pyjamas


csgo get right nip


The rest of the Ninjas in Pyjamas team hanging around the signing booths.


Forest from nip


Check out this awesome csgo mouse pad from the event. The cartoon looks adorable and cute.


csgo mouse pads


We tried to grab a picture of the famous YouTuber, Warowl. Checkout his YouTube channel HERE.


Warowl at IEM oakland


We also saw this awesome virtual reality gaming for CSGO. So awesome how far gaming has gone in today's generation.
 csgo virtual reality


Do you play CSGO? Comment below if you want to play with us or comment who your favorite team is.

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