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Top 10 Crazy Drifts

Posted on 20 June 2017

Do you think you can drift like the pros? Amazing display of speed, control, and confidence. It takes courage to trust your car and aggressively drift into corners without fear. Not many people understand the purpose of drifting. To us at Knock On Wood Co., drifting is like an art, a glorious display of a grand masterpiece. The hard work in developing the car's performance designed for drifting is also quite intriguing. Unlike Time Attack cars, drift cars would have to sacrifice some performance to allow longer and easier control drifts. One example, the wheels will most likely have more negative camber than usual, thus allowing the car to oversteer much easier. Time attack cars would not have the same camber specs due to high tire wear. Although drift cars are not functional in Time Attack events, it is very functional in Drift events.

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