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Sunglasses for Sports

Posted on 15 November 2016

 Looking for sporty sunglasses? Our Knock On Wood sunglasses are perfect for racecar drivers, runners, tennis players, golfers, baseball players, dragon boat rowers, hikers and more! Not only will you block glare and protect your eyes from the sun, you will also look stylish! Don't let glare stop you performing at your best.

We tested our sunglasses indoors at a commercial gym in San Jose, CA. In the YouTube video, our powerlifter, Tai Bui, wore his polarized Midnight Wood sunglasses to deadlift 325 lbs. Weighlifting is more than just physical coniditioning, it also strengthens your mind. The sunglasses helped Tai to mentally focus on lifting the weights off the ground. 

According to Tai, he was able to block fluorescent light and other lifters from distracting him. Normally, Tai would lose focus and tightness because he would think about lifters staring into his eyes. Tai believed that our wooden sunglasses helped prevent eye contact with others.

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