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Sunglasses Fact #1: Invention of Sunglasses

Posted on 18 November 2016

polarized sport sunglasses

The first known invention of sunglasses were developed by the Inuit tribe located in the Arctic region. The Inuit tribe created a small slit in walrus ivory to block the sun rays. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin created the bifocal eyewear, also known as glasses. In 1929 Sam Foster developed the well known sunglasses made from celluloid. Foster sold his sunglasses from a Woolworth on the Boardwalk and made sunglasses popular by Life magazine. After a few years, Edwin H. Land created the first polaroid lens filter in 1936.

The beauty of history is astounding when you learn the beginning stages of development to what we have in modern society. People are still designing new ways to make sunglasses look fashionable and creating new technologies to enhance eye protection.

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