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Subaru STI Car Accident On Dash Cam

Posted on 14 January 2017

The only time I forgot to bring my Knock On Wood sunglasses, this happens. The accident happened on Friday the 13th by a drunk driver. No matter how good of a driver you are, there is always a drunk driver who would ruin your day. Luckily, everyone involved is not injured. A car is just a car and can be replaced easily.

What To Do In A Car Accident:

Prepare: Make sure you have good insurance coverage, I recommend more than state minimums and uninsured/underinsured coverage plus medical. This will be important later, especially if you are not at fault. Ensure that your documentation is up-to-date; that means putting your registration and insurance information in your car and getting the old paperwork out. You don't want to be digging through your car on the side of the road trying to find what you need. Get a small organizer or folder for your documents (some insurance companies give these away to their customers).

Multiple Car Accident With Uninsured Motorist

Get your emotions in check. You may be angry, especially if the other driver caused the crash. What is done is done, being angry will only cloud your judgement and make things harder for you. If the police come out to make a report it will help your case if you are the calm and rational one on the scene.

You just had a crash: First, ensure that no one in injured. You may need to call 911 to get EMS out. Often people will get out of the car holding their neck and looking for a payday; do not confront them on this! Note the behavior and ask if they are ok.

So now what? Before people have a chance to leave, try to get their information - name, phone number, address, type of car they are driving, and their plate number. Witnesses don't usually hang around very long so try to get this information right away. Let them know they may be contacted by your insurance company.

Photograph the accident: Get images of both cars, closeups of the damage and plate numbers, skid marks, impacts with any highway structures, signage, speed limit signs, traffic signals, weather conditions, and the relative position of the vehicles involved. Often people only snap photos of the damage, this does nothing to document the circumstances. Note the time the crash took place.

Exchange information: Share with the other driver your insurance details. Many companies provide you with a special form for this. Do not share the limits of your policy, just your policy number and company! Be sure to get their information.

If police respond: Be sure to ask if they are issuing any citations. The police will often let a driver leave once information is exchanged and then deal with writing tickets. Your insurance company will ask if tickets were issued and it helps things along to know the answer.

Subaru Saved My Life

So I was not at fault, I'm going to file with their insurance: Wrong. Their insurance company will not treat you well, you are not their customer. Instead, bite the bullet and file with your insurance company. This will cost you your deductible initially, but if you are not at fault it will be refunded to you - all the times I have done this my insurance covered my deductible before my car was out of the shop so I was never out any money. There are a couple reasons file your claim this way, the first of which is that your insurance company knows the law and the industry, if their money is on the line they will fight the other company to get it back - that means they are fighting for you. You have paid for this massive resource, use it! The second is that many insurance companies offer a lifetime guarantee on collision repairs done at their preferred shops, you won't get this from the other guy's insurance company. I have had a couple shops do shitty work and try to pass it off, after enough arguing with the shop I just called my insurance and got them involved. The insurance company pushes lots of business to these collision shops and the shops don't want to mess up that relationship. Your insurance company has a louder voice than you, let them back you up.

Making the report: You will probably have to make a recorded statement to the insurance company about what happened. Be prepared for this and write down what occurred as soon as possible. Write out your entire narrative and read it to the insurance company over the phone. This will be very formal and you will be told that your statement is being recorded. This is important: You are only required to make one recorded statement. Both companies will call you and ask for one, I recommend you make a statement to your company only and authorize them to share the recording with the other company. This way you cannot accidentally contradict yourself.

If you are injured: Get a lawyer as soon as possible. Just trust me on this. There will be a lot going on that you won't be able to manage very well. Get someone working on your side to manage medical payment deferrals, loss of work, etc. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your representation to look out for your interests. I know this sounds like an ambulance-chaser advert, but there is truth to it.

If the other person is at fault you are entitled to a rental car similar to yours while yours is being repaired. If you drive a high-end luxury car, that's what they need to rent for you. If you drive a Civic, don't expect them to rent you an Infiniti. You will probably need to push for this, as they won't volunteer this information and if you do ask for a rental they will try to get you the smallest econo-box they can. You are entitled to be "made whole" (remember that phrase), which means as small an intrusion as possible on your life.


We recommend getting a G1W-C dash cam to record all your videos. There are many different types of G1W such as G1W-H, G1W-C, and more. We recommend the G1W-C if you live in an area that normally gets hot. It will last longer under high temperatures. You could find the G1W-C for very cheap, up to 60$-70$. In addition, we recommend using the San Disk Class 10 64GB so you could record longer and higher quality videos. The great thing about the G1W is that it has a display screen so you know what angle the video is recording. Also, there is a feature that deletes the oldest 5 minute clips. This helps clear your memory space without you manually deleting files.

Any Cons? We have used the G1W-H and had issues of the cameras not working properly. When we switched to G1W-C, everything was working smoothly for two years.

Why get a dash cam? You never know when accidents will happen, and when they do, it is best to have one to protect yourself from being at fault. Ever been in a situation where silly drivers would back up into you in the middle of the road? Afterwards, they tell insurance that you bumped into them. With a dash cam, you have proof of the incident and who is at fault. In the end, you will save more money and have less things to worry about with a dash cam.

You can also go here:

This site explains the cheapest, most expensive, best affordable dashcams, the newest dashcams and more! G1W is not the only option. Do your own research and find one that fits your budget.

What Have I Learned?

To prevent this from happening, knock on our wooden sunglasses. Don't be like me and forget your wooden shades. Disclaimer: Our sunglasses do not actually prevent accidents. However, if you want to "Knock On Wood", we got you.

Car Accident With Uninsured Motorist

-Robert Lau

Knock On Wood

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