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Most Of Our Sunglasses Look Similar: How To Differentiate

Posted on 29 November 2016

Most of our sunglasses look very similar, especially some of the lenses. Here are quick tips to differentiate and help you decide which sunglasses fit your needs.


Autumn Wood vs. Gaia Wood

  • Autumn Wood carries an orange tint lens and the Gaia Wood has a mix of yellow, purple, and orange. The lens on the Gaia Wood consists of 80% purple tint.
  • Similar light brown bamboo frame.

The image below: Top photo is Autumn Wood and bottom photo is Gaia Wood.

Gaia Wood or Autumn Wood sunglasses

Galaxy Wood vs. Hard Wood

  • Galaxy Wood and Hard Wood have similar lens but different color frames.
  • The Galaxy Wood has a light natural brown color and the Hard Wood has a slightly darker brown color.

The image below: Top photo is Galaxy Wood and bottom photo is Hard Wood.

Galaxy Wood or Hard Wood sunglasses

Classic Wood vs. Maple Wood

  • Classic Wood and Maple Wood both have black lenses.
  • The difference between the two are color frames. The Classic Wood has a naturally light brown color and the Maple Wood has a rich dark brown color.

The image below: Top photo is Maple Wood and bottom photo is Classic Wood.

Classic Wood or Maple Wood sunglasses

These sunglasses look quite similar but the small details sets them apart. Either different color lenses or different tinted lenses. The only common trait these sunglasses have are polarized and UV400 protected lenses.

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