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Latest Review From Positive Smash 420

Posted on 08 January 2017

Check out our latest review from Positive Smash 420. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to her channel.

We believe in catering to medical marijuana patients to help cover blood shot eyes. We understand the anxiety and paranoia you feel when you are stoned in public. Either ordering food, buying at the grocery market, or talking to strangers, we believe our sunglasses will make you feel more confident talking to strangers. It is similar to that movie, Big Daddy, with Adam Sandler playing the father Sonny. Sonny gives Julian sunglasses to make him appear invisible. Even though it doesn't actually make him invisible, it gave Julian more confidence in front of strangers.

Awesome Tip:

  • You can use our wooden case to stash your marijuana. One downfall is that it is not a great tight seal, so you will still be able to smell the marijuana. It is a great temporary stash. However, if you are looking for a long term stash, we recommend more a of a tight seal to prevent moisture getting into your weed and to hide the smell. A tighter seal will keep your weed fresh and prevent mold from growing.

Are you new to marijuana and want to learn more? Go to the subreddit r/saplings or click here. If you love marijuana content and just love the community, go to the subreddit r/trees or click here.

Stay safe and happy toking :)

-Robert Lau

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