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Kushiage - Deep Fried Heaven

Posted on 12 May 2017

Kushiage or Kushikatsu

kushikatsu in Osaka Japan

Walking around Osaka Dotonbori, you might stumble across this guy. Behind him is a delicious restaurant that serves kushiage. If you love fried food, you will love kushiage. They deep fried unique items in a skewer like a meat cutlet, lotus root, gizzard, quail egg, and more! What is so unique about this than other places in America?

The Japanese bread crumbs has a crunchier texture and the dipping sauce is out of this world! The etiquette in eating these is to only dip once. They provide you a large bowl/pan of dipping sauce. The reason they tell you to dip once is because the same dipping sauce is used by everyone else. They do not toss it away, so you have share it.

Best fried food in Japan

My go-to would have to be the shrimp. The shrimp they offer is ginormous! Additionally, the melty cheese is also to die for. Overall, you will love every piece they will serve you. The next item that is essential to eating kushiage is the free all you can eat cabbage. The fresh crispy cabbage cuts the oil so that your mouth is not coated with grease. Not only is it healthy, it is refreshing. Lastly, you can use the cabbage to pour more sauce onto your deep fried food. Unsure about the rules or etiquette? Have no fear! They offer English menu with proper eating rules or guidelines.

Best way to eat kushiage is a nice cold beer, don't you agree?

Try your best searching for kushiage in America, you'll be disappointed. Travel to Osaka or anywhere in Japan and let your taste buds explode like the 4th of July.

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