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Function Over Form

Posted on 16 June 2017

Function Over Form Evo 9

Function Over Form

What is Function Over Form and what does it mean? Have you seen cars that are over the top with gaudy accessories and unnecessary mods? One example is the hellaflush/stance lifestyle. The low offset wheels would stick out close or outside the fenders creating a unique racecar look. This trend has gone far enough where street tuners would lower their cars too much, set the negative camber too high, or slap on wheels that have a ridiculously low offset. Modifications need to be done properly; thus, the term "proper fitment" comes to mind.

Majority of gaudy body kits tend to be over-the-top, but most of the time, it does have Function. Our goal is to educate what is functional and what is form.

Lowering the Car 

The purpose of lowering the car is to increase stability and provide center of gravity. Most people would go too low and provide negative effects rather than positive effects. Thus, creating more aesthetics than function.

Car too low for driveway

Negative Camber

Negative camber was meant to add more grip and cornering stability. However, Form tuners would set negative cambers too high resulting in less grip and cornering instability; extremely wearing out its tires.

Function Over Form Negative Camber

Low Offset

Lower offset wheels provide better handling and stability. Although, most tuners would go to the extreme, settting the offset too low making the benefit of the offset useless. Additionally, adding low offset wheels could create mechanical problems and wear out the suspension over time.

Crazy wheel offset funny

Although we are preaching Function Over Form lifestyle, we really do enjoy and appreciate the hellaflush/stance lifestyle. You can say we are the Function AND Form enthusiasts, but more focus on Function. It takes ginormous balls and dedication to pull these types of modifications. Taking the car out seems like a pain: taking out planks of wood to go over steep driveways, driving over speed bumps at an angle to avoid scraping the underbody, and buying tires left and right because the negative camber is wearing the tires out faster than usual.

This leads to the ideal style: Function. Where utilizing the car's full potential in power and handling. This applies to many sports such as Time Attack, Drifting, Rally, and more! Join us and promote the healthier Function lifestyle.

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