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Growing Up in Fog City (San Francisco)

Posted on 06 November 2016

san francisco wooden sunglasses


Robert and Erick grew up in San Francisco, CA. We have known each other since elementary school at St. Anne. Growing up, we experienced the life of San Francisco a.k.a The City. We occasionally took trips downtown and hang out at the Metreon Theatre. Soon after, we would walk over to Chinatown and buy some Chinese egg custards (dan tats) at Golden Gate Bakery. The egg custards at Golden Gate Bakery have one of the softest, most delicious custards anywhere. The custard tends to just melt in your mouth leaving a sweet taste making us yearning for more. Since we live in San Francisco, we did not have to savor every moment. We scarfed a dozen egg custards down until there is only one left in the little pink to-go box. As Asian Americans, we are taught to never eat the last one and share. What did we do? We compromised and split it in half so that we both get to enjoy the last one together. 


knock on wood egg custard


San Francisco is wonderful place to explore. Anyone can drive up to Twin Peaks and take a view of the city, then walk down the pier, and experience the many shops Pier 39 has to offer. San Francisco offers the taste of many variety of ethnic and fusion foods and gives you the opportunities to meet the greatest hippies in the world at Haight street. San Francisco can have all four seasons in one day ranging from not being able to see the road because of the fog to extremely hot weather downtown. No San Francisco visit is complete without seeing naked men and women walking down the Castro. San Francisco is a place where everyone is accepted and so don't be afraid of being judged.  

Robert and Erick are great partners because we are born and raised in a city that is multi-cultural and were taught to be accept and respect others. In addition, we grew up in an Asian culture where respect and manners is considered the utmost importance. At Knock On Wood, it is imperative that we treat everyone with kindness and patience that the people deserve. If you are having issues or questions about our wooden frame sunglasses don't worry and put your trust in us in providing you with the customer service that you deserve.


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