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How To Finally Wear Sunglasses!

Posted on 29 November 2016

blue mirror lens sunglasses


Here at Knock On Wood, we offer a variety of color lenses and wooden frames. Certain sunglasses goes well with certain wardrobes. For example, the Classic Wood and Maple Wood sunglasses fits perfectly with any style and color of clothes. Planning to wear a casual, semi-professional, or professional look? These two sunglasses are perfect for the occasion. In this article, we will explain how to achieve the best look for casual, semi-professional, and professional look with our sunglasses.



The purpose of the casual wear is to not think too much about what clothes to pick. You want to wear clothes that are comfortable and fitting. With the casual look, you cannot go wrong with any of our sunglasses. A flashy orange tinted lens with rose wood frame such as the Tiger Wood will set you apart from the norm. We also recommend going with the Beach Collection for the vivid colors on the wooden frames.

tiger wood sunglasses


The semi-professional is for people who love to wear dresses, button down shirts with jeans, cardigans, etc. Our recommendation is to choose either darker colors or colors in the blue spectrum. Blue colors represent a calm mind, wisdom, and trust. Whereas, a red color symbolizes strength, power, and love. You are going for colors that attract others in a peaceful mood. The perfect semi-professional sunglasses would be Ocean Wood, Galaxy Wood, Classic Wood, or Maple Wood.


The professional look is for dresses, suits, dress shirts with dress pants, etc. We recommend wearing darker shade colors such as the Classic Wood, Maple Wood, and Midnight Wood. Having bright colors do not send a good message in a professional setting. 

Choosing the right sunglasses for your attire is like a color spectrum. Lighter and brighter colors are casual and darker colors are more professional. In the end, our recommendations for casual, semi-professional, and professional attire might not work for everyone. You should express yourself by showing your true colors.

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