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Eye Degradation From Ultraviolet Rays

Posted on 05 November 2016

protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays


All of our wooden sunglasses are polarized with UV400 protection lenses. What is the importance of UV400 lenses anyways?


Ultraviolet Rays


Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays from the sun causes skin cancer. Most people prevent skin cancer by putting on sun screen. To protect your eyes from the sun, you should wear sunglasses with UV protection. Our sunglasses only goes up to 400nm which protects you from mostly UVA rays. As the wavelength gets lower in the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher energy output that may cause ocular damage. 


ultraviolet ray spectrum



There are many types of UV rays:
  1. UVA - The UVA spectrum is 400-315 nm. The lowest energy type of UV rays that damages the cornea and retina in the eyes. UVA rays may cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Macular degradation is a horrible eye disease. It is the leading cause of losing eyesight that affects over 10 million Americans.
  2. UVB - The UVB spectrum is around 315-280 nm. Your cornea and lenses absorb UVB rays the most.
  3. UVC - The UVC spectrum is 280-100 nm at the shortest wavelength.

The eyes are mostly exposed to UVA and some UVB rays.


ultraviolet spectrum chart

Reflection and Scattering

Direct sunlight is the main source of ocular damage. However, even clouds may cause eye damage by 50% due to the reflection and scattering from the sun. On a cloudy or foggy day, scattering of UV rays increases. Did you know, the ground also reflects UV rays? Grass gives off the lowest reflection at 2%-5%, reflection of water is around 3%–13%, concrete is about 10%, and snow is extraordinarily rated at around 94%. Although winter is coming, it is important to still wear sunglasses. Even though it is not sunny, your eyes are still exposed to UVA and UVB radiation.

Why is Eye Protection Important?

Imagine living your life blind or atleast nearly blind. You would not be able to see the beauty of nature or your friend's and family's faces again. Eye degradation is not something you could easily get back. Sure, you could undergo LASIK surgery or other types of surgery to improve eyesight. However, it is easily prevented by just wearing polarized sunglasses with UV protected lenses. Unless future tech companies developed Deus Ex biopic eyes, it is impossible to transplant your whole eyes with someone else's eyes. Today, it is only possible to just transplant the cornea. Sunglasses are not just for fashion, it helps protect your fragile eyes.

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