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Congratulations Massachusetts

Posted on 15 December 2016

sunglasses for stoners

Finally, it is now legal for people in Massachusetts to smoke, possess, and grow marijuana. What does this mean for the United States? After many states such as Washington, Colorado, Maine, California, and Nevada, we might see a snowball effect of other states following suit. 

I Want My Marijuana Now! 

Hold on to your money before you start lining up at your local dispensaries. On January 2018, stores will now open to the public to sell marijuana for recreational use. There are ways to obtain marijuana:

  1. Receiving marijuana from someone for free
  2. If a doctor prescribes marijuana treatment
  3. Growing your own marijuana

Here at Knock On Wood, we provide our friendly stoners sunglasses to help cover your bloodshot eyes. We highly recommend our mirror lens that create a lovely reflective effect. Sunglasses will help marijuana patients to appear normal and provide discretion.

Again, congratulations Massachusetts :)

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